Mobile UAV M-57 «SVITANOK»

Mobile unmanned aerial complex M-57 «SVITANOK»

Purpose and scope of use

Unmanned aerial complex M-57 «Svitanok» is designed for video surveillance and taking pictures of linear and plane objects from the air. Potential users of M-57 are the force and special structures of Ukraine.

Main technical characteristics

M-57 «Svitanok» is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the “flying wing” scheme of a large elongation. UAV is equipped with a color video camera with a digital transmitter. Basic technical characteristics of the UAV: maximum takeoff weight – up to 10 kg; payload mass – up to 2 kg; flight duration – up to 180 min. using lithium polymer batteries; maximal flight speed – 120 km/h.; maximal altitude – up to 3000 m; type of control system – automatic/semi automatic, flight planning using Google maps; start – from hand/with a rubber shock absorber; landing – under parachute; range of action – up to 70 km.

Main advantages

In the class of electric unmanned aircraft with a flight time of 3 hours, UAV M-57 Svitanok can compete with UAV Spectator (Ukraine), Orbiter (Israel) and others. The undeniable advantages of UAV -M-57 are its low material content, low optical, acoustic and radar visibility. Also, the specified UAV has a high level of maintenance in the field and can be operated in combat situations.

Intellectual property protection status

The market for UAV is global: the need for them is formed by countries due to the gradual transition of operators from manned aircraft to unmanned aerial vehicles. The Ukrainian market has capacity for the M-57 in the range of 50-100 complexes, some of which may be used by civil airlines, and part by special services. The world market can have a capacity of 500-700 complexes.

The state of readiness

A prototype manufactured is undergoing factory testing.