Multicopter NAU PC-08

Multicopter NAU PC-08


Purpose and scope of use

Multicopter NAU PC-08 is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed for aerial photography, cartography, real-time video surveillance, point-to-point patrols, and more. Potential users of UAV are civil aviation companies, force and special structures of Ukraine.

Main technical characteristics

Starting mass – up to 4 kg; load capacity – up to 1,5 kg; flight duration – up to 30 minutes; flight distance – up to 4 km; flight altitude – up to 500 m; speed – up to 30 km/h; number of rays – 6; specifics – folding; take-off / landing – on the landing skid; type of control system – automatic/semiautomatic, with planning of flight using Google maps. Standard payload – gyrostabilized daytime ССD – camera.

Main advantages

The main advantage of the NAU PC-08 is its small size in the transportation position, as well as the high level of maintenance in the field. The samples of NAU PC-08 were supplied the force structures of Ukraine in the ATO zone in 2014. The world’s analogues of this UAV are: Aeryon (Canada) and AR-100B (Germany).

Intellectual property protection status

We received 4 patents of Ukraine for utility models. Appropriate NAU PC-08 certification procedures to be considered as an aircraft for civil aviation, are being conducted.

Demand on the market

The market for the project is global. There are quite a lot of models of multicopters on the market, a large number of which are intended for amateur use and can not be used in civil aviation. With the acquiring of a NAU PC-08 type certificate, it may be needed in the amount of 500-1000 units for the Ukrainian market and in the amount of 1000 to 5000 for the world market.

The state of readiness

Stage of implementation: experimental operation, procedures for obtaining a type of aircraft certificate in the SAS of Ukraine.