Unmanned aviation system (UAS) “Ukraine”

Unmanned aviation system (UAS) “Ukraine”

Purpose: Unmanned aviation system (UAS) “Ukraine” is designed to provide flights for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the allocated airspace for performing various aviation works.

The Unmanned Aviation System (UAS) complex is an unmanned aircraft М-7V5 “Nebesniy Patrul”, which is located and transported in a specially equipped vehicle in a transport position. Baseline conditions of the UAS: on all types of runways, including unequipped runway.

Full weight of UAV: up to 200 kg
UAV duration time in air without refueling: 10-14 hours*
Radius of action: up to 100 km
UAV Flight Range: 1000-2800 km*
External (ground) crew: 4 people

The experimental equipment of UAS “Ukraine” includes:

  1. ground station for UAV control М-7V5 in a specially equipped car;
  2. directed antenna for radiotelemetric and video data transmission with a rotary device;
  3. double engine UAV М-7V5 “Nebesniy Patrul”;
  4. experimental training UAV М-22D “Aerotester”;
  5. Policopter NAU PC-04.