NAU project office

Project office (Department for innovation project management in education)

National Aviation University

1 Cosmonaut Komarov prospect, Kyiv 03680, Ukraine



Project office (Department for Innovation Project Management in Education) is a structural unit of the National Aviation University created by order of the rector of March 22, 2017, No. 158/od.

What we do and for whom we work

Our activities are aimed for (a) providing consultancy services to those who search and implement projects; (b) introducing, standardizing and developing of modern procedures for search, initiation, monitoring and analysis of projects; (c) facilitating access to resources, techniques, equipment and technologies required for project implementation; (d) accumulating, storing and disseminating of experience in project management.

The main functions of the department, related to implementation of the main tasks, are:

  1. Formation and filling of related information open access resources concerning:
    • perspective development of NAU and its partners;
    • national and international experts on selected topics relevant to the main European Union programs, including Horizon 2020, Cross-Border Cooperation Program, Twinning, and others;
    • partner organizations, institutions, enterprises;
    • current and completed projects.
  2. Formation and development of services concerning:
    • monitoring of announcements of new projects, cooperation with partners, online informing;
    • participation in management of the portfolio of NAU projects;
    • participation in management of common project resources;
    • providing advice and assistance in submitting proposals;
    • support of projects (if necessary), formation of the general information system in the particular project areas;
    • support of expert thematic and functional web resources.
  3. Preparation and publication of regular reports and publications:
    • about state of implementation of projects and impact of project results;
    • review and recommendations on perspective and innovative elements and trends for implementation in NAU scientific research and training programs;
    • support of web resources regarding NAU project activity.
  4. Consultative and training work on:
    • providing advice and guidance to project managers in designing project proposal applications and managing projects using standardized tools;
    • accumulation of experience in the field of management, implementation and reporting; preparation of recommendations for project procedures, in particular: initiation, preparation, implementation, reporting, introducing ammendments into project, monitoring over execution, remuneration of participants, completion.