Matiichyk Mykhailo

Mykhailo Matiichyk

PhD, associate professor, chief designer of UAV

Head of Scientific and Production Center of Unmanned Aviation “Virazh” (SPCUV “Virazh”)

National Aviation University

+380-63-8200124 work

1 Cosmonaut Komarov prospect, 03680 Kyiv, Ukraine


Higher (1980-1985)

Affiliations and functions

Ph.D. thesis (1994), doctoral studies (2000 – 2004), Department Chairman of aviation operations of the National Aviation University, Head Designer and Director of Scientific and Production Center of Unmanned Aviation “Virazh” (2010–to present)

Research interests

Author and Chief Designer of well-known UAVs (see below)


Double engine unmanned aircraft М-7V5 «Nebesniy patrul» (Sky Patrol), experimental two-engine unmanned aircraft М-7D «Nebesniy patrul”, multipurpose unmanned aerial complex М-6-3 «Zhayvir», mobile unmanned complex М-10 «Оko 2», training unmanned aircraft М-22D «Aerotester», policopter NAU PC-08, policopter NAU PC-11 and others.

Since 2015 – chief designer of the joint venture “ABM Group – National Aviation University”. The enterprise has the status of the developer of aeronautical engineering (Cert. № UA.21J. 0047). Perform regular contractual work on certification and airworthiness support of helicopters Mi-14 МТV and Мi-8Т (2014-2015).

Author of more than 70 scientific articles and patents.