Research Ecosafety Laboratory (RESL), Educational and Research Institute of Environmental Safety

National Aviation University

1 Cosmonaut Komarov prospect, Kyiv 03680, Ukraine

+380-63-1257397 mob

Research Ecosafety Laboratory (RESL) was formed in 2007 at the base of scientific groups from Chair of Ecology and Chair of Health and Safety, and operates as part of Scientific and Educational Center «Ecobiosafety» of National Aviation University.


The idea of RESL activity is based on paradigm of sustainable development through system approach application.


The RESL was created for realization of ecosystem approach and promotion of innovative technologies during solution of strategic and applied tasks of modern society.

The intellectual products of RESL are designated for assistance to countries in implementation of Sustainable development, UN Millennium Goals and tasks of Rio+20.

The main spheres of scientific and applied interests of RESL are (but do not limited)

  • Climate change;
  • Sustainable management by resource;
  • Biodiversity conservation, Econetwork creation, and Reserve management and studies development;
  • Ecological safety;
  • Energy efficiency and energy saving.

 The RESL develops

  • Elements of modern technical policy;
  • Drafts of regulatory acts;
  • Patent documents;
  • Informational and outsource support of projects,
  • Network approaches during organization of scientific researches, technical and experimental design developments, researches and constructors works and their task.

The RESL realizes

  • The works in next spheres: audit, validation, verification, licensing, verification, certification;
  • strategies, action plans, programs, project decisions;
  • Environmental impact assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment.


  • Above 20 scientific-research of national and international level was done;
  • The edition of ecological journals, reviews and national reports are conducts;
  • The numerous conferences, colluviums and round tables were organized.

 The Laboratory is cooperate by agreements and in the virtual office mode with

  • Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
  • National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;
  • State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of Environmental Protection of Kazakhstan;
  • UNIDO, UNEP, and other international organizations;
  • Ukrainian state, scientific and public organizations.

 The motto of the team: NATURE KNOWS BETTER!!!