Braille Teach

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Braille Teach – a toy for visually impaired children and their families to learn Braille alphabet fast and with fun

Project explanation

There were nearly 300 million visually impaired persons as by the end of 2014, but only 10% of them can read Braille. That is, books, inscriptions on products, placards do not solve problems of the visually impaired.

That’s why our team decided to get around a plenty of problems by another way: instead of spending efforts and money on visual aids, which for the majority of the blind are not use, we have directed our efforts on the development of devices and special educational supplies, which simplify Braille training of the blind and visually impaired and make this training available to all segments of the population.

Our solution

Braille Teach – is a toy (device) for visually impaired children and their family members in order to help them to learn Braille alphabet fast and with fun: interactive voice menu in 4 languages; 8 basic games for learning Braille.

Now we create the device in far from industrial conditions, so its cost is high and quality is average. Nevertheless these devices are already demanded by the market.

We plan selling the device for $50. But this will require deployment of production.

Project status

  • A prototype with one language was developed – 2016.06.03
  • The prototype was tested in the Ukrainian International Institute of the Blind – 2016.06.20
  • Improvement of BrailleTeach housing – 2016.07.15
  • A new version of software (6 games, multilevel dialog menu) – 2016.07.30
  • Development of multilingual interface (3 languages – English, Ukrainian, Russian) – 2016.08.03
  • 5 manufacturing units for the Bank of Baku (4 languages – Azerbaijani, English, Russian, Ukrainian) – 2016.08.20

Our plans

  1. Representation of a group of organizations working with blind – October 2016 (DONE)
  2. The first batch of 20 devices – November 2016 (DONE)
  3. Testing in specialized institutions for blind children – October-December 2016 (DONE)
  4. Structural changes, adding tales and proverbs in interface Braille Teach – January-February 2017 (DONE)
  5. Design and minimization of boards for serial production – March-May 2017  (DONE)
  6. Conversion of 3D-models for the production of printed forms – May 2017 (DONE)
  7. Assembling the first batch of the 1,000 Braille Teach – investments are needed (5-6 months for realization)

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