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Сonvertible aircraft NAU-KM 3 «KUBOK»

Purpose and scope of use

Convertible aircraft NAU-KM 3 «Kubok» is a 3500 kg class  twin engine aircraft with rotary external screw on the wingtips. This type of aircraft performs vertical take-off and landing, enabling it to operate flights in hard-to-reach geographic and climatic zones, including areas with complex landscape, mountainous areas, islands, polar zones, tropics, etc. The convertible aircraft can be involved in exploration, patrolling of oil, gas pipelines and other linear objects; execution of various types of aerial photography, delivery of humanitarian aid, protection of state borders, transportation of patients between hospitals and specialized medical centers, irregular commercial flights, doing a lot  of a wide range of works in disaster areas, fighting piracy, protection of national waters and fisheries, control and preventing smuggling operations, etc. Possible customers of the convertible aircraft: Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Infrastructure, etc .; individual enterprises, including enterprises of the oil and gas industry; civil airlines; private individuals.

Main technical characteristics

Project technical characteristics of the convertible aircraft: max. take-off mass, kg – 3500; payload mass, kg – 850; fuel mass, kg – 850; max. speed, km/h – 500; flight duration, h – 5; technical range, km – 2100; number of passengers – 1 pilot + 5 passengers; ferry range, km – 2900; flight altitude, m – up to 6000.

Main advantages

To date, the 3500 kg class is not occupied by any convertible aircraft in the world, therefore the competitive environment is favorable. As a type, the serially presented convertible aircraft  is V-22 (st. mass 24 000 kg) made by Bell Boeing. In addition, the certification examinations of the convertible aircraft ВА.609 Bell-Boeing-Agusta (st. mass 7500 kg) are underway.

Intellectual property protection status

We received 1 patent of Ukraine for utility model.

Demand on the market

The world market can have a capacity of 500-700 aircraft of the type KM 3 “Kubok” to meet the needs of local civil aviation airlines.

The state of readiness

The project is on the stage of “technical proposal” according to DSTU 3974-2000. In addition, there is a business plan for obtaining samples of KM 3 “Kubok” for the certification of KM 3 ” Kubok ” as a type of aircraft in the SAS of Ukraine.


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