UAV М–6-3 «Zhayvir»

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Multipurpose unmanned aerial complex М-6-3 «Zhayvir»


Purpose and scope of use

Multipurpose unmanned aerial complex M-6-3 «ZHAYVIR» is used for the following tasks: aerial photography, video monitoring in the real time and linear and other objects patrolling, urgent transportation of small cargoes. The potential users of the unmanned complex are civil aviation companies, force and special structures of Ukraine.

Main technical characteristics

Multipurpose unmanned aerial complex M-6-3 «ZHAYVIR» is an aerodynamically complete aircraft based on a conventional scheme,  with a wing, which uses profiles with aerodynamic quality up to 160 units. The use of the V-tail empennage, the implementation of deep fissures between the wing and the fuselage, and the corresponding boning of the protruding parts – all of this has allowed to achieve aerodynamic quality 18-20 units while cruising. Main technical characteristics of UAV: take-off mass, kg – up to 17, payload, kg – up to 4, max. speed, km/h – 160, flight duration, h – up to 5, range of action, km – up to 80, max. flight height, m – up to 3000, taking-off/landing type – wheeled. UAV control mode is automated/semi-automated. Modifications: M-6-3T – cargo, for transportation of small cargoes: M-6-3K – catapulting, to be based beyond airfield.

Main advantages

Perfect aerodynamics that leads to significant fuel economy, increased resource of the propeller engine, excellent maintenance on the line of the given path, increased wind resistance that expands the boundaries of “all-weather” flight property. Models of UAV M-6-3 “ZHAYVIR” were delivered to the force structures of Ukraine in the ATO zone in 2015. World analogues of this UAV are unmanned aerial vehicles Pointer (USA), LUNA (Germany), Rafaei Sky Lite B (Israel).

Intellectual property protection status

6 patents of Ukraine were obtained for the utility models.

Demand on the market

The global UAV market: the demand for them is formed by countries due to the gradual transition of operators from manned ACs to unmanned aerial vehicles. The Ukrainian market has capacity for M-6-3 within the limits of 30-70 complexes, some of which can be consumed by civilian airlines, and another part by special services. The global market can have a capacity of 500-700 complexes depending on the necessary modifications of UAV M-6-3.

The state of readiness

Several prototypes have been manufactured and successfully tested; appropriate procedures for the certification of the type of aircraft are taking place in the SAS of Ukraine.


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